Mackay Family Reunion
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Family History
Back Row:
On June 10, 1912 the family of Angus & Mary Mackay arrived in Innisfail, Alberta.  They hired a team of horses and a democrat (see photo below of a six person democrat). They were a family of 14 plus their luggage; in addition they had 13 steamer trunks which arrived later. 

They travelled to the farm from Innisfail ‘across country’ as the grid roads were not yet constructed. They ‘road’ was really just a narrow trail through the poplars on what is now the golf course and then diagonally northwest to their new home 5 miles northwest of Innisfail on the Red Deer River.

Their home was rented from the Duke of Sutherland, their old landlord back in Scotland. Because the house hadn’t been lived in for a while and was not suitable for habitation they stayed with their new neighbors, the Rosses, for a few days while they cleaned the house and obtained some furniture.  Later they discovered that the house had bed bugs. In spite of many challenges they eventually adjusted to their new home.

You can read the 1987 version of the family history by clicking the link below.

Link to Mackay Family History – August 2012 version

There is also a power point presentation, created by Bill Mackay for the 2012 reunion that you can view here:

Angus & Mary Mackay Family Photo PowerPoint 

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